We can supply you with a ceramic photo tile image or a etched photo to suit your requirements

Etched Photo
Colour Ceramic Photo
Colour Ceramic 9x12cm Photo
Etched Photo with Clouds
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Ceramic Photo Image

We can supply you with a colour, black and white or sepia image printed on a ceramic tile in a variety of shapes and sizes to help personalise your monument.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Ceramic Oval Photo Tile

Available in 2.5x3.5cm, 3x4cm, 3.5x4.5cm, 5x7cm, 5.2x7.2cm, 6x4cm, 6x8cm, 7x9cm, 7x10cm, 8x10cm, 9x12cm, 10x13cm, 11x15cm, 13x18cm, and 18x24cm
Ceramic Heart Photo Tile

Available in 8cm, 10cm, 12cm and 15cm
Rectangle Ceramic Photo Tile

Available in 3x4cm, 5x7cm, 6x4cm, 6x8cm, 7x9cm, 8x10cm, 9x12cm, 10x13cm, 10.2x13.7cm, 10x15cm, 11x15cm, 13x18cm, 15.2x12.2cm 15x20cm, 18x24cm, 20x25cm, 21.6x38.1cm, 22.9x18.4cm, 23x18cm, 23.5x30cm, 38x28cm, 40x30cm and 60x40cm
Cross and Image
Ceramic Cross and Photo Tile

Available In Plaque Size 20 x 15cm – (Photo Size 8 x 10.5cm)
Heart with Roses
Ceramic Heart Photo Tile with Hand Painted Roses

Available In
Plaque Size 13 x 15cm – (Photo Size 7.3 x 9.8cm)
and Plaque Size 15 x 18cm – (Photo Size 8.4 x 11cm)
Ceramic Round Photo Tile

Available in 4cm - 15cm
Curved Heart
Ceramic Curved Heart Photo Tile

Available in 10cm, 12cm and 15cm
Square Ceramic Photo Tile

Available in 5cm, 10cm, 12cm, 13cm, 14cm, 15cm, 20cm and 23cm
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We can also provide you with a frame to help protect your photograph in bronze (as shown) or silver and gold.

Below is our most popular designs however, more designs are available.

Plain Photo Frame
Bronze Frame also available in Silver and Gold - Model 19 377
Available In 7x9cm, 8x10cm, 9x12cm, 11x15cm, 13x18cm and 18x24cm
Ivy Leaf Frame
Bronze Frame also Available in Silver and Gold - Model 19 058
Available In 5x7cm, 7x9cm, 8x10cm, 9x12cm and 11x15cm
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Etched Photos

Etched photos works better on polished dark granite as the laser removes the surface of the polished granite, exposing the natural lighter stone and produces a great contrast. A lighter granite will appear as a frosted image and does not contrast as well, so the engraving can be hard to see.

Laser etched photos are more durable than ceramic photos as they are part of the moment, (instead of being an accessory attached) and can be adjusted to any shape and size required.

Laser Etched Photo with Goldleaf Lettering
Laser Etched Photo with Inscription Proof
Laser Etched Photo with Custom Design Headstone with Silver Lettering
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