Our stock is updated roughly every 2 months, and is sold quickly, please contact us to confirm if your chosen design is still available.

Black Granite Swirl Headstone & Base
Design SL2
All Polished Blue Pearl Chapel & Base with Marble Book Cord & Tassel
Design SL3
Blue Pearl Granite Lily Headstone and Base with Inscription Panel
Design SL4
All Polished Blue Pearl Granite Chapel & Base
Design SL5
Butterfly Blue Granite Rose Headstone and Base
Design SL6
Custom Marble Headstone with Black Granite Base
Design SL7
All Polished Blue Pearl Granite Extra Tall Chapel & Base $3900 plus GST
Design SF8
All Polished Grandee Chapel, Kerbs & Ledger
Design SL9
Marble Chapel with Carved Roses to Columns and All Polished Grandee Granite Back, Marble Book Cord & Tassel and Grandee Granite Base
Design SL10
All Polished Grey Granite Double Pillar Headstone
Design SL12
Marble Headstone with Marble Base Plate & Black Granite Base
Design SL13
Marble Chapel with Multicolour Red Granite Back, Marble Base Plate & Multicolour Red Granite Base
Design SL14
All Polished Olive Green Carved Tree Headstone with Base
Design SL16
All Polished Carved Jesus & Child White Pearl Granite Headstone with Base
Design SL17
Marble Headstone with Carved Mary & Rustic Sides Black Granite Base
Design SM18
All Polished Bahama Blue Granite Carved Teddybear Headstone, Ledger & Kerbs
Rustic Sides Polished Face Bruce Rock Granite Headstone & Base
All Polished Tropical Green Granite with Carved Cyclone Headstone and Base
All Polished Black Granite Heart with Carved Angel & Base
Marble Angel with Heart, (No Base)
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