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When is the right time to arrange a memorial? Do I need to wait a certain amount of time after a loved one dies before a monument is installed?

There is no ‘correct time’ to choose or arrange a memorial. While some families take their time to select a headstone or monument, waiting months or even years before marking their loved one’s grave, other families arrange a memorial at the time of, or shortly after, arranging the funeral. This can help to maintain the planning momentum and may provide a sense of closure in farewelling that person.

Once ordered, how long does it take before the memorial is installed?

A monument normally takes between 6-12 weeks before it is installed in the cemetery. (some places can take up to three 3 weeks to approve the application) In special circumstances a memorial may be installed sooner, please do not hesitate us to discuss your requirements. However due to the effects of Covid-19 in importing, transport and supply of goods; we are temporary unable to main the normal work schedule. We have been advised by our shipping agent that goods coming from overseas will arrive "when they get here."

We are also severely short staffed, we desperately need fully qualified, reliable monumental masons and general labourers - Please contact Joan at or call 08 9478 2633,

Do we install monuments in ....

We install memorials in all the cemeteries covered by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board, as well as in the South West, Great Southern, Goldfields, Midwest, Gascoyne, Kimberley & Pilbara Regions. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can assist you.

Can I design my own memorial?

We can assist you in designing a memorial for your loved one. If you see something in the cemetery or on the internet that you would like to match, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can you inscribe foreign text?

We can inscribe text in a variety of foreign languages, a clear copy of the text is required, (preferably in Microsoft Word format) for our skilled work staff to work from. We will contact you to check the inscription before the text is engraved so no errors occur. (Please note that Metropolitan Cemeteries Board require a translation of non-English text)

How long does the inscription last?

A painted inscription normally lasts 5 - 8 years

A gold-leaf inscription normally lasts  8 - 12 years on granite and 5 years on marble

Inscriptions done in lead normally last up to 100 years

Sandblasted inscriptions are permanent (but are hard to read when wet)

Can I add to an existing monument?

Perth Monumental Works can assist you in adding an extra inscription, headstone or other furnishings, such as a photograph or statue to the memorial, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. 

What does the cemetery fee cover?

In order to receive approval for your memorial application, a fee may be required by the cemetery board or shire in which you wish to have the memorial installed. (We collect this fee and forward it to the cemetery with your application). This fee is different from anything you must pay for the making of the headstone, or for the deceased’s funeral.

The fee to be paid depends on the cemetery and – sometimes – on your selected memorial or works required. 

Upon application the cemetery will check and confirm with the monumental mason that;

  1. The person is actually interred in their cemetery.

  2. That the names, dates etc., coincide with the information they have on their files.

  3. The correct fee is being paid and that the person who has signed the Application for Memorial form is the authorised person or has the authority to organise the Memorial on behalf of the family of the deceased.

Headstone and monument terminology – What do all the words mean?

‘Headstone’ / ‘Tombstone’ / ‘Gravestone’

The terms ‘headstone’, ‘tombstone’ and ‘gravestone’ are often used interchangeably and refer to the marker (frequently made of stone) which is placed over, or at the head of, a grave. It usually sits atop a stone base and has details about the deceased inscribed on it.


The term ‘monument’ refers to the entire physical memorial, which could be a headstone and base, or could be a more elaborate ‘full monument’.

‘Full monument’

A full monument includes the headstone and base at the head of the grave, as well as a kerb (providing a ‘border’ or boundary for the entire grave), and either a full-length cover stone (or slab) over the length of the grave or, alternatively, chipping or a garden bed covering the grave.

The deceased is a returned veteran. Can I include their badge details on the memorial?

Yes, you can, we will check and confirm the details with the department of Australian War Graves and confirm that the correct badge is used on the memorial.


Can the monument be removed for another burial?

We can re-open the grave for another burial if required and will liaise with the funeral director regarding the re-open if you prefer. In some cases, a crane may be required to assist with the removal of the grave.

What are foundations and do I need them?

Yes, all monuments require foundations. In most of the lawn sections and in some of the general sections a concrete beam is provided foundations are not required. However if there is no beam, foundations, as specified by the cemetery management, are required. The costs vary according to the location.

Foundations are usually reinforced concrete piers that extended to about 2130mm underneath the corners of the monument to prevent any sinkage.

What are your terms of payment?

Our terms are 20% deposit, 60% progress payment and final 20% payment on completion within 7 days (We do not have card facilities however we do accept cheques and E.F.T.)

If you have any other questions that are not covered above, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff to assist you.


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