We can supply you with a bronze plaque which can be attached to a variety of different surfaces, for either indoor or outdoor usage. Our bronze plaques are available in a variety of shapes, the most common being Rectangular however, special shapes such as a Round, Heart, Star or Teddy Bear can also be made.

The most common size of plaque sold is 380x280mm, though we can arrange plaques as small as 30mm and as large as 800 centimetres if required.

Our plaques are most often coloured dark brown, however, a large range of colours are available if required.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a plaque to remember the passing of a loved one, a dear pet or a commemorative plaque to mark a historic event 

Plaque with Painted Background.
Foreign Text Bronze Plaque
Bronze Oval Plaque
Dog Bone
Teddy Bear Plaque
Bronze Plaque with Photo & Crest
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Sometimes personal details change between interments, or as new lives are born. The Dual Series enables families to completely edit personal details. Choose bronze plaques with one detachable ‘family’ plate and/or ‘individual’ plates.

Replaceable bronze book plaques let two lives rest side-by-side despite a difference in the date of passing; At the time of the first burial, a base and inscription page is ordered with the 2nd inscription page left blank and ordered when required.

Bronze Book with Replaceable Pages

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