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We use a range of the highest quality Australian Granites which have proven to be resistant to our climate over many years, unlike some imported stones which in some instances are showing signs of degrading in a short space of time.

We do however make available imported products, and we deal directly with a manufacturer who we contact on a regular basis to ensure that the highest standards of quality can be maintained.

Shown below is a selection of our most popular stone in granite and marble.

We import granite from all over the world and if you require colours or patterns different from those shown, we can generally find them for you.

The samples represent the general appearance of the granite, as variations in colour and structure are part of nature and thus unavoidable.

Please note that some computers and printers may also produce variations from the true colouring.


Granite retains a high polish and is one of the most durable stones, making it an excellent material for monumental work. Unlike slate, it won't shatter, and it is less porous than marble and will not stain as easily. It is also a far stronger material than sandstone, which tends to deteriorate over time. 

Imported Granite

We source our granites from Africa, Asia and Europe


All of our marble used in our monuments is Italian Carrara Marble. It is imported from a region near the city of Carrara.

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