We sell both Marble and Kosmolux (re-consituted marble) statues. All of our statues are imported from Italy and are of the finest quality.


Kosmolux statues are much lighter weight than marble but still maintain the original look of solid marble. However, they are less than half the price of marble statues, and can be provided in a variety of different finishes.

Kosmulux Statues Finishes

Carrara White
Kosmulux Statue with Carrara White Finish
Kosmulux Statue with Bronze Finish
Kosmulux Statue with Gold Finish
Shiny Bronze
Kosmulux Statue with Shiny Bronze Finish
Antique White
Kosmulux Statue with Antique White Finsih
Pompeian Bronze - N/A
Currently Unavailable - Kosmulux Statue with Pompeian Bronze Finish
Kosmulux Statue with Silver Finish
Shiny White
Kosmulux Statue with Shiny White Finish
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Our most popular statues are shown below in Carrara White finish. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us for assistantance

Statue of Our Lady (Arms Spread)
52cm Statue of Our Lady with Arms Spread - Model 166.
Also available in 60cm
Statue of Our Lady (Praying)
52cm Statue of Our Lady with Praying Hands - Model 2133.
Also available in 21cm, 24.5cm, 31.5cm, 35cm, 40cm, 58.5cm, 76cm, 97cm, 106cm, 153cm
Sacred Heart of Jesus
51cm Sacred Heart of Jesus - Model 146
Also available in 82.5cm, 97.5cm, 122cm
Sacred Heart of Jesus
37cm Sacred Heart of Jesus - Model 212
St Antonio (Anthony) & Child
30.5cm St Antonio & Child - Model 46
Also available in 20cm, 76cm
St Antonio (Anthony) & Child Statue
54cm St Anthony & Child Statue - Model 221
St Giuseppe (Joseph) & Child
30.5cm St Giuseppe & Child - Model 2026
Also available in 46cm
Kneeling Praying Angel
19.5cm Kneeling Praying Statue with Right Knee Up - Model 320 (Also available with left knee up)
Also available in 24.5cm, 36cm
Sacred Family
50cm Sacred Family - Model 2183
Dove (Couple)
6.5cm Dove Couple - Model 169
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All of our marble statues are all hand-carved from Carrara Marble by skilled stonemasons making each design truly unique.

Below are some of the marble statues that we have in stock.

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We can also supply you with a custom marble statue if required

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